About Us

Manjeera Aqua is as purest as the river. Manjeera with freshwater species and as it starts from Maharashtra, and flows away till Hyderabad. So our Motto is to use edged technologies in aqua world & flow all though states and nationally.

Freshwater species is one of the healthiest and most popular sources of protein worldwide. Almost half of the sea food we eat comes from sea farms, making aquaculture – seafood the fastest growing food production system in the world.

  • It also conserves water
  • Permit high-density culture in locations where space and water of efficient, facilitating waste recovery
  • Improved biosecurity
  • Environmentally Sustainable.


To develop sustainable culture systems and to encourage strategic research for freshwater habitats.


To provide a place of tributary and a resourse center for the aqua commuity by holy Godavari river.


To produce the highest level of the production and rank in the top most fish production and rank in the top most fish producing state as well as globally.


Kovilapu Sankar Rao

Managing Director of Manjeera Aqua

Sankar Rao has over 20 Years Experience in Leadership, operations, marketing and sales technology development and also team and business development have been key work areas during all his projects.

He is an Ex-Naval officer from Indian Navy. He was Regional Head of Onicra Credit Rating Agency, Regional CEO for Vishal Mega mart, Partner of Balaji Associates Since 15 years, Sankar Rao created his own Insurance consulting firm – Infinian Financial Solutions and IMF LLP, specializing in insurance and investments and asset management. He has been responsible for stabilizing and developing businesses, identifying improvement opportunities and outlining expansion & profitability strategies.

Sankar Rao has been an entrepreneur since 2006 driven by the challenges of developing new and exciting projects across different sectors in Hyderabad and around. Sankar Rao’s active participation in every project is central to attracting and retaining partners and clients. This philosophy has allowed him to successfully complete projects in Banking, Insurance, Financial Services and consultancy. Sankar Rao has build a strong network of business partners and realized of a number of investment projects

B Anamika Patil

Director of Manjeera Aqua

Anamika has always been interested in questions relating to sustainability, which has led him to invest in the solar energy sector, where he developed solar energy parks with a total installed capacity of more than 2000 MW for industrial applications. This passion also drives his interest in highh tech land based aquaculture projects and led him to become one of the co-founder of Manjeera Aqua.

Anamika was General Manager for Astra Teleservices Pvt Ltd. Anamika established sunsol to develop solar energy projects and clients who have exceptional engineering expertise, scientific knowledge or operating know-how. These clients typically focus on the development, construction and operation of ‘real assets'(energy, real estate, and agri / aquaculture projects). Anamika works cl;osely with these groups to build infrastructure of commercial opportunities and /or to establish relationships with different forms of capital. In some cases, he has taken on non-executive position and invested personally in their businesses.

Want to Know More About RAS Fish Farming System.

We have seen many good days and bad days in RAS Fish Farming, and we learnt a lot from them. We are sure that all our experiences will help you do RAS Fish Farming easy peasy.